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Sem Fluorescent Concentrate

SEM Killer Color Horizons Flueorescent Concentrate Daylight Lacquer in 473ml Aerosol are a line of intense, eye-catching colors for creating custom graphics. SEM Killer Colors is a 1-component daylight lacquer based in which strong reflection is obtained by the raid of ultraviolet rays as in daylight.

This 1K fluorescent daylight lacquer is used for all cases that should stand out strongly during the day such as posters, advertising signs, turn signals, gates, fences, road signs, scare highlight posts, pipelines, on police cars and fire engines, in shipping and other diverse objects that extra attention.

Over Base Colors, Paste Pearls, Lightning FX or Flakes:

Note: Fluorescent Concentrates have a short lifetime because of the limited "light-fastness" in the sun and are not recommended for overall refinishing or when long life of the color application is required. All Fluorescent Concentrates should be applied over Base Colors Bright White for maximum brightness. Additionally, Base Colors Bright White can be tinted with Fluorescent Concentrates, usually 10% before reducing. This will give the base a pastel tint of the fluorescent that will be applied afterwards, helping with the coverage of Fluorescent Concentrates. Base Colors, Paste Pearls, Lightning FX or Flakes should be allowed sufficient dry time, typically 30 minutes after last coat, before applying Fluorescent Concentrates.

Shake or stir thoroughly. All Fluorescent Concentrates should be mixed with Mix Clear.

Set air pressure to: 45-60 psi for non-HVLP and 8-10 psi at the cap for HVLP equipment
Use a gun equipped with: 1.2-1.3 nozzle for small projects and 1.3-1.4 nozzle for large projects

1. Spray 4-5 medium-wet coats with a 50-75% overlap keeping the gun 6-8" from the substrate. Allow to flash approximately 10-15 minutes between coats.
2. Allow final coat to flash 30 minutes before applying top coat.
Note: Always clear Fluorescent Concentrates with the highest quality two-component urethane clearcoat, such as World ClassTM Clears for maximum color hold-out and UV protection. Always spray a test panel to confirm color and check for coverage. Additionally, always spray full passes when applying Fluorescent Concentrates to avoid dark areas where panels overlap.
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