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3M Heavy Drip-Chek™ Sealer, 5 oz Tube

3M Heavy Drip-Chek™ Sealer, 5 oz Tube
•Designed for filling exterior automotive visual definition seams
•Heavy-based sealer is easily tooled and minimizes dripping and mess on vertical seams
•Applies right from the tube with no added time required for mixing
•Resists weather, water, oil and UV for durability
•Controlled shrinkage when curing makes for excellent visual definition seams
•Cured sealer accepts standard auto paint systems

Our 3M™ Heavy Drip-Chek™ Sealer is a heavy-based sealer specifically designed for filling exterior auto body definition seams including roof drip rails on older vehicles. Weather-resistant sealer is non-sagging – ideal for vertical seams – and adheres to metal, rubber, glass and painted surfaces. It can be applied up to 1/8” wide. Controlled shrinkage provides excellent visual definition seams.

A Sealant Specifically for Visual Definition Seams
Designed specifically to seal exterior auto body definition seams such as roof drip rails and coach joints, our 3M™ Heavy Drip-Chek™ Sealer features a non-sagging heavy-based formula combined with controlled shrinkage after application for airtight, UV-resistant seams. The light gray sealer adheres well to any common automotive surface including metal, primer, painted metal, rubber, glass and more. It resists moisture, weather and ultraviolet rays as well as chemicals from oil or gasoline. This sealer is ideal for minimal dripping when applied, right from the tube, to vertical seams. Users can apply in widths up to 1/8" wide, and can easily tool the sealer to desired appearance. 3M™ Heavy Drip-Chek™ Sealer is designed to shrink slightly as it cures, creating an excellent visual definition seam. Cured sealer accepts any standard auto paint system.
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