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Cartec Ceramic Guard Complete Treatment Set

The complete set comes with
Cartec Ceramic Kit (it includes the Ceramic compound 30ml, 3 applicator cloths, 1 rubber applicator).
150ml Panel Spray.
2 Red cloths for the panel Spray.
3 Blue Cloths.
1 Finger applicator.
1 After Care Kit (it includes 1 Ceramic Shampoo with its sponge and 1 Ceramic Glazing to be sprayed every 6 months. It also included 2 cloths).

Protection that lasts Ceramic Guard is a unique product: a revolutionary coating which offers excellent protection and makes vehicle paintwork water and dirt-repellent. With Ceramic Guard coating from Cartec, dirt and insects simply glide off the paintwork like water off a duck’s back, especially when you wash your car. With Ceramic Guard, your car’s paintwork has maximum protection against road grime, salt, UV radiation, harmful chemicals and anything else that is harmful to paintwork. Ceramic Guard gives the paint a noticeable shine and colour depth. Although one coat is sufficient, Ceramic Guard can also be applied in several coats. This creates an even thicker protective layer. Each coat reinforces the toughness and colour depth of the paint. Specialists Ceramic Guard is applied by our network of specialists who are experts at what they do. Proper pre-treatment of the vehicle’s paint is essential to the final result and our specialists know exactly what the paint needs before they apply the coating.

In this kit you also get the after care kit




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