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Dominion Sure Seal Colour Your Hippo-Liner Truck Bed Liner Kit

(Does not include "Shutz Spray Coating Gun)

Sprayable and Color Tintable Bed Liner Kit

This revolutionary space aged tintable urethane based protective coating. Protect any surface with any color! Color Your Hippo is a versatile coating and can be use to protect Truck Beds (replaces drop-in plastic liners), Trailers, Boats, Off-Road Vehicles, RVs, fences, decks, lawn furniture and almost anything that requires durability at a Down-to-Earth price. This rugged colored protective coating not only looks good but it protects surfaces against a wide range of extreme conditions and extends longevity of almost any surface.

KIT CONTAINS- Approximately 2 Quarts or 0.45 Gallon total, which is enough for a small truck standard short bed.  Two kits required for a complete full size short or long bed. Also includes Gloves. Practical Coverage: 50-55 sq. ft per 0.45 gal. at 10-12 mils.

MATERIALS NEEDED -Additional materials required: sand paper (120-220 grit), mixing stick, masking tape and masking paper and/or plastic. - Depending on method of application you will need: A Brush, Roller or Schutz Style Gun (Dominion Sure Seal part # BUPA). If spraying you will also need a schutz style can (Dominion Sure Seal part # CC32M) to attach to the schutz style spray gun and an air compressor capable of delivering a constant pressure of between 50 and 60 PSI (at the gun).

GENERAL INFORMATION - Do not apply in extreme cold or hot temperatures. Ideal application - temperature is 72 degrees F (20 degrees C) with humidity of less than 60% - Wear gloves (included in kit) - Do not expose Color Your Hippo to water for up to 24 hours at 72 degrees F(20 degrees C.) - Do not put heavy loads on the surface until the material is fully cured

Mix and use product in a well ventilated area. Use appropriate respiratory protection.

SURFACE PREPARATION - Clean surface to be coated with a good quality wax and grease remover or Dominion Sure Seal Sure Solv (Part # BSS or 10058). - Remove all loose paint and rust. Bare metal areas should be sanded and primed with a 2K automotive primer, rusted areas should be treated/sanded and primed, by following the paint companies recommendations prior to proceeding. - Sand area thoroughly with 120 to 220 grit sandpaper. On new surfaces a red heavy duty scuff may be used. The surface should be sanded thoroughly to ensure adhesion. Blow off sanding dust and re-clean with a good quality wax and grease remover or Dominion Sure Seal Sure Solv (BSS). - Mask all areas not to be coated.


1. Before starting please wear gloves included in this kit. 

2. Pour contents of one of the Part A containers into one of the Part B containers. Mix components thoroughly.

3. Add up to 10% (by volume-3oz. Max. Per qt.) of desired urethane single stage automotive tint toner. being used to tint Color Your Hippo. Example: 850 ml (30oz) of A&B combined, add 85 ml (3oz) of tint/toner or color as explained above.  DO NOT add any clears, binders or balancers to the tint/toner or color

4. If Part C (accelerator) is used -add 1/2 of the bottle to the mixed tinted quart of material. The remainder of part C is for the second quart of material.  This step is optional depending on Temperature. Part C (accelerator) will dramatically shorten the pot life, work time, and cure of the mixed materials.

5. Stir vigorously for 2-3 minutes to be sure all components are completely mixed. Be sure to the sides and bottom of the can while mixing. 

6. Apply Color Your Hippo Liner immediately after mixing. Areas that are not the color of the truck (primed areas) may require two coats to cover. Do not let mixed material stand for more than 30 minutes at 72 degrees F (20 degrees C.).

When applying with a brush or roller, a more uniform appearance is achieved by back rolling or applying 2 light coats. BRUSH Brush in even strokes until sufficient coverage is attained. Allow the product to dry between coats. Brush may be cleaned or rinsed with lacquer thinner. Brushing is ideal for tight corners. ROLLER Using a 1/4 - 3/8 inch pile solvent resistant roller, apply even coats until desired : is achieved. Allow the product to flash* between coats. Roller may be rinsed or cleaned with thinner.

SPRAY Pour mixed contents into schutz style can, attach schutz style gun(#BUPA or : equivalent). Set your air pressure at 45 -60 PSI at the gun. Spray one even coat at approximately mils thick. If an additional coat is desired or needed for coverage allow the product to flash* applying a second coat. Even coverage is required, not a thick coating. It is better to spray to coats than one heavy coat. 72 degrees F (20 degrees C.). Hotter temperatures shorten flash times while colder temperatures will lengthen flash times. Product must be still soft and not cured when applying a second coat. If not sure about flash time allow to dry and follow instructions from surface preparation, mixing and application procedures again to apply a second coat (example -Clean, sand, re-clean, mask, mix and apply).

*NOTE*: An additional coat may be applied after allowing to flash. Flash time depends on temperature, and humidity. Average time is 3-3 1/2 hours. DO NOT PUT HEAVY LOADS ON THE SURFACE UNTIL THE MATERIALS HAVE FULLY CURED.

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