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Farecla Wax Top Liquid Wax Polish 1lt

Wax top is a finishing polish specifically developed for trade use. Quick and easy to use & provides a high gloss durable finish on fully cured paint work.
For best results by hand follow these recommended steps:
Shake bottle of Wax Top.
Apply a small amount of Wax Top to a lint free clean cotton cloth.
Using light pressure apply Wax Top to the surface in an overlapping action
to ensure even coverage.
Allow Wax Top to dry to a haze.
Buff the surface with the Advanced G Mop Finishing Cloth until a deep
gloss level is achieved.

Key Features & Benefits
Superb high gloss finish - great results - customer satifaction.
Suitable for use on all types of fully cured paintwork - versatile - no need to
purchase different waxes.
Quick & easy to apply & remove - minimal operator training required -
saves time & money.
Does not dry out in direct sunlight - can be applied outside
Excellent durability of up to 3 months - long lasting protection.

Weight 1.30 kg
MSDS Click here to view manufacturer's MSDS
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