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Meguro Sealing Tape: 6mm

Meguro Sealing Tape: 6mm
Sealing Tape: For exchange Panels (doors, hoods, trunks) Dimensions: 6mm (W) x 16m (L)

1. Scuff the surface of the panel with surface conditioning pads to remove any excess seal material from the seamed part of the surface. 2. Use a blow gun to remove the dust and wipe off the surface with cleaning material or solvent. Surface should be clean and dry before spraying the primer. 3. Apply the sealing tape primer evenly according to the directions until the surface appears glossy. It is essential to use the Meguro sealing tape primer to ensure secure bonding of the tape to the panel as well as to prevent rust. 4. Air dry for approximately 5 minutes at 20ºC. Wait until the primer has dried and the surface is no longer sticky. 5. Start at a corner and apply the tape in one direction. Peel off the film and, using your finger apply pressure at the beginning of the tape. Remove the film gradually as when the adhesive is dirty, it will lose contact with the panel. Never pull or stretch the tape.

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