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Preval Complete Sprayer Kit

Preval is a professional spray system. The spray system is unique in that it is portable. The system is one disposable Power Unit, with a Preval 100% twist-on glass jar with Polypropylene safety cap. Portable Disposable No wires or hoses Atomizes almost any liquid Professional Finish comparable to other HVLP Airless Sprayers The Preval Spray System is the most sold professional cordless sprayer. Preval is also the least expensive professional spray system in the world. Affordable spray technology designed to be disposable, compact and portable. Versatility to atomize most liquids and paint, allowing for great benefit to manufacturers, private label marketers and other professional users alike. The first Preval, established in 1969 was invented by the Precision Valve Corporation. Aftermarket car part manufacturers, automotive paint line managers and professional hair stylists were the first to use the Preval Spray System. Portable to move around any job. The Preval has a patented valve, button, built in strainer and designed around the venturri vacuum concept. With precision and focus on atomizing almost any type of liquid, including specialty coatings, disinfectants, fixatives, specialty additives, two three component paints, epoxies and stains, it is simply "an incredible spray technology". People can use it anywhere and spray almost any liquid with professional simplicity. Preval is easy to clean, disposable and very easy to carry.


The Preval Spray System comes in two parts: a pressurized power unit and a glass or plastic reservoir. Easy to fill. The power unit attaches by twisting the reservoir onto the bottom of the power unit. Preval is also proud of its universally ecofriendly zero CFC technology. The Preval is designed to reduce waste and set up times. It is affordable, refillable, reusable, compliments other spray equipment, and is 100% recyclable. Most notably again the Spray System is completely portable so there is no electricity used, and there is no compressor, no wires, hoses or batteriesto worry about.

Ready to spray in seconds with no batteries or hoses
Simple for small projects and touch-ups.
Patented spray technology delivers:
Comparable performance to other professional airless sprayers
Consistent spray flow for single pass coverage
Professional Finish - Quality Results
Integrity is the key. The Spray is magnificent!!
So, with the emergence of the Do-it-Yourself market the Preval technology will benefit both the professional user and the DIY enthusiast.

Prevals' glass reservoir is designed to store paints, varnishes, lacquers and almost any liquid for longer periods of time than traditional reservoirs. Glass is not permeable nor does it leach. Whether you are color matching, restoring machinery, stenciling, staining a piece of furniture, or need an industrial two component coating, Preval is your choice for fast touch ups and small jobs! Preval offers a professional solution with a precision valve spray that will cover 4 times the amount of liquid compared to traditional aerosol "rattle cans". Furthermore, your liquid is never mixed with propellants in their liquid state, thereby preventing adulteration which destroys the integrity of most products when mixed with propellants. The Preval Sprayer is multi-faceted, a versatile spray applicator for all kinds of liquids, including most waterborne and even latex paints. Spray oil, lacquer, gel coat and more. A professional OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) Sprayer, the Preval is a professional sprayer, and will also compliment other commercial grade sprayers for hard to reach places or small parts. Preval will spray up to 473 mils (16 ounces) of liquid and it easy to clean for any number of projects. Preval is a fraction of the cost of the other professional sprayers and airbrushes in the market.
Weight 1.50 kg
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