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Rupes Coarse Abrasive Compound Gel Mille 1l

Rupes Coarse Abrasive Compound Gel Mille 1l

Designed for scratch resistant and high solid ceramic paints. The unique fourteen-orbit-per-rotation and high-speed movement of the LK900E Mille polisher can easily push a compound past its breaking point, resulting in rough movement, prematurely dried compounds, and unpredictable finish results. This is the case for any gear driven, forced rotation polisher.

The high stresses created by the Mille required the development of a compound formula that could provide sustained pad lubrication during the buffing cycle and abrasives that could tolerate the rapid changes in direction and still deliver a high-quality finish. The RUPES Mille Coarse Compound is a formula specifically developed to work in harmony with gear-driven movements. Ideal for production detailing environments and fast cutting applications and compatible with most paint systems.

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