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Septone Eliminator 4LT

Septone Eliminator 4LT
Eliminator is a specialty hand cleaner designed specifically to remove paints, adhesives and other resin based products which standard industrial strength hand cleaners are unable to remove. Major industries which find use for this product include spray painting and panel beating in the automotive refinish industry, the furniture industry, the paint trade, the fibreglass and composite plastic industries, the building industry and the home handyman. Eliminator is based on a unique blend of biodegradable ester solvents. No petroleum distillate solvents are used.
The incorporation of ester solvents in place of petroleum distillate solvents gives eliminator its uncompromised paint and resin dissolving ability. It is therefore ideally suited for removing the following resin types: Acrylics, enamels, urethanes, epoxies, silicones and polyesters. This makes it suitable for the removal of automotive lacquers, enamel and 2pack paints, industrial coatings, marine paints and antifoulings, household paints, varnishes & stains, furniture coating, body fillers, polyester and epoxy resins, silicone sealants, urethane & acrylic sealants and adhesives. The surfactants used in Eliminator are readily biodegradable, the pumice abrasive has been chosen for its ability to gently but efficiently clean the skin without being too harsh. The pH of Eliminator is almost neutral ensuring a substantial degree of skin compatibility and without the harshness of highly alkaline formulations. A lanolin derivative also provides natural moisturising and super-fatting to the skin.
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