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Shim - Mask Pkt 3

Stainless steel masking stencil to prevent rub-through when sanding or shaving minor surface imperfections.

Ideal for: Paint and lacquer runs.

Imperfections. Minimising area when sanding paint-filled chips or scratches.

Advantages: Stainless steel provides hardness for re-use.

Chemically etched shapes eliminates burred edges.

The masks are placed over the imperfection (ensure that paint is completely dry and cured) and held in place with masking tape. A new, sharp razor blade can be used to slice away the run or imperfection or a sanding block can be used wet or dry. Final feathering is achieved by placing a slightly larger stencil shape over the repaired area and finishing with P2000 paper. The repair is then machine polished and finished off.

3 per pkt
Weight 1.00 kg
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Our price: $28.00
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