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Sunstrom Air attachment SR 307

Supplied air attachment for Sundstrom half and full face masks.
Many Sundstrom half masks and full face masks can be fitted with compressed air attachments, rendering them positive pressure respirators.

Compressed air attachment that fits into the filter attachment of a Sundström SR100 half mask or SR200 full face mask. The same attachment can be used with both respirators

A second air outlet on the regulator to supply air to a spray-gun or other compressed air tool Silencer in the air compartment decreases the noise of the compressed air going into the mask

Air line:
Kink and tangle proof Odourless

Belt-mounted Supplies 150–320 l/min

SR 307 is simple to fit to Sundström half masks and full face masks. The air flow rate can be controlled by means of the regulating valve on the users belt to a value between about 150 and 320 l/min. The supply pressure to the regulating valve should be between 4 and 7 bar. A flow meter and a warning whistle for temporary and continuous monitoring of the air flow are included. The compressed air attachment is especially intended for applications involving heavy and sustained work in environments in which the pollutants have poor warning properties or are particularly toxic. Tested in accordance with EN 14594:2005 Approved with Sundström half masks in class 3A Nominal protection factor 200 Approved with full face mask in class 4A/4B Nominal protection factor 2000

Weight 3.00 kg
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