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Autoglym Instadry With Storage Bag

The InstaDry Drying Cloth, once only available to professional detailers, offers superior performance to a traditional chamois, without the downsides of a plush microfibre towel.

InstaDry is made from superior performance PVA-coated microfibre, which is super absorbent to ensure a streak-free finish on paintwork, glass and ensure a reduced drying time.

The unique coating helps to release trapped particles from the cloth easier when ringing out between passes and unlike chamois leathers, InstaDry is ready to use from the very first pass and doesn't need to "break in".

Even though super absorbent, unlike a microfibre towel, InstaDry is a manageable size (49cm x 44cm) and this ensures it won’t get too heavy and full of water, which increases the risk of streaking, along with dropping or scraping the towel against the ground and picking up scratch-causing dirt.

The unique storage bag keeps InstaDry safe until the next time you use it, and it doesn’t need overnight to dry out before storage.

InstaDry can be machine-washed in a mild detergent and this extends the life of your drying cloth.

A super-absorbent, specially coated microfibre cloth for a quick, streak-free finish on paintwork and glass.

• Lighter, Quicker, Cleaner
• PVA-coated, microfibre drying cloth
• Super absorbent for a streak-free finish
• Reusable storage bag

Care instructions:
After use, hand rinse in cold water and leave to air dry before folding or rolling, and storing in the reusable pouch, ready for next use.

If dirty, InstaDry can be machine washed in a mild detergent in the same way as regular microfibre cloths

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