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Hot Plastic Stapler Kit

Hot Plastic Stapler Kit
This high tech system allows both professional and DIYers to create strong, structural repairs in all types of plastics. The Hot Stapler is a precision-engineered tool designed to make solid, permanent repairs of breaks, cracks, and tears in rigid or flexible plastic parts.
As you hold the wand in position and press the button, the staple heats up. When you see it start to melt the plastic, simply push it halfway into the plastic surface. The staple will be fused into the damaged, broken or cracked plastic, and as the plastic cools, it creates a reinforced bridge between the two halves, restoring the plastic part to its original strength. Three heat settings allow you to work on a variety of plastic materials and thicknesses. Each of the three types of stainless steel staples (flat, wave, and corner) can be re-profiled to easily get into tight or hard-to-reach areas.

Kit includes the hot stapler, 100 of each style staple and cutter pliers in a lockable tool box.

Make quick, secure & effective repairs.
Stainless steel staples.
Easy & quick to set up and use.
3 Heat settings.
Ready to use within seconds of switch-on.
Can be used on all kinds of plastic without first having to identify the kind of plastic.
You will save time and money!!!!
Weight 8.00 kg
Our price: $400.00
(Ex GST)
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