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Stud Buddy

Do you get frustrated by the imprecise old method of using a slide hammer to remove dents? Slide hammers are hard on the hands and can make a racket. The Stud Buddy was designed to grip the stud, and with the surface pad resting on the work surface acts like a Class 2 lever. You now have complete control to pull the dent precisely completely and consistently. The Stud Buddy Gives you an easier technique for dent repair. If you own a stud welder, you need to get the Stud Buddy. The Stud Buddy will make your stud welder a more versatile tool. Just weld your draw pin into the lowest point of the dent with your stud welder, and then raise the dent with the Stud Buddy. The Stud Buddy allows for sensitive control virtually eliminating over pulling. No need to spend more time on that dent then needed. Large or small dents, the Stud Buddy easily pulls them all.

Durable set of pliers designed to grip the stud, and with a broad surface pad resting on the work surface, acts as a Class 2 lever. Makes repairs easier and faster. Allows you to apply as much pressure as needed with no guess work. Use with your stud gun to pull dents.

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